University Of Tennessee Supply Chain Audit Process


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Because of the University of Tennessee’s prominent supply chain reputation, firms routinely approach us to assess their supply chain vs. best in class and make actionable recommendations for improvement. The deliverable at the end of the audit is a report that assesses organization, process, systems, human resources, and metric aspects of your supply chain, and provides a set of specific recommendations on improving its effectiveness. We also tailor the study and the report to focus on the specific issues you ask us to consider.
We have a database of best practices built over years from interaction with hundreds of companies. Our process determines where your firm stands today; compares that to the best practice model; and then makes a series of implementable recommendations for improvement.
Our process begins with a request for the following types of information if they are available (examples):

  • Current supply chain management organization description
  • Current supply chain management process description
  • Current supply chain management systems description
  • Examples of available forms and reports concerning inputs to the process
  • Examples of available reports concerning outputs from the process
  • Examples of performance documentation (reports, graphs, etc.)
  • Total stock keeping unit (SKU) count and description
  • General company background

After analyzing this information, we then visit your locations with our team. The time on site consists of interviews scheduled hourly with individuals involved in managing your supply chain, or individuals interfacing with your supply chain. Specifically, these individuals could include representatives from:

  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Forecasting/Demand Management
  • Purchasing
  • Information Systems
  • Product Management/Merchandising
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Customers
  • Suppliers

Although we do not always ask the same specific set of questions, our interview techniques are designed to elicit answers to the organization, processes, systems, and metrics as indicated above. We will develop an interview guide tailored to your company which we will share in advance.

Within a maximum of four weeks of completion of the interviews, we will complete the analysis of your documentation and the interviews and provide a first draft of the final report. We ask that you go through this report for factual errors and return this feedback to us. Within one week of receiving this feedback, we will deliver the final report. The team is then available to visit your location to present the results to management and to those who participated in the interviews.

Since our goal is to include as many companies as possible in our database, we are charging companies only our costs of conducting an audit, which includes faculty and doctoral student time, as will as university overhead. Thus, your cost of the audit is $50,000. In addition, any out of pocket travel expenses incurred by the team are billed separately.

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