Transform Your Supply Chain into a Competitive Weapon!

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In The New Supply Chain Agenda, Reuben Slone, J. Paul Dittmann, and John T. (Tom) Mentzer argue that “supply chain excellence” is perhaps the most underutilized competitive advantage today’s companies have at their disposal. The supply chain controls the heartbeat of the firm: the fundamental flow of materials and information from suppliers, through the firm, to your customers. By eliminating disruptions, ramping up efficiencies, and upgrading performance along this critical pathway, you can vastly improve economic profit and boost shareholder value.

Based on the authors’ extensive field experience and ongoing analysis of hundreds of firms, The New Supply Chain Agenda outlines the five key “pillars” of a successful supply chain strategy, and includes real-world examples, self-evaluation tools, and actions steps that show how to:

  • Hire and groom talent with the unique skills needed to build and run your supply chain
  • Select and apply the right technologies, from forecasting systems to carbon footprint management
  • Eliminate crippling cross-functional disconnects such as SKU proliferation and obsolete inventory
  • Collaborate with external suppliers and customers
  • Implement a disciplined management process to sustain success

This roll-up-your-sleeves guide contains everything you need to unleash the power of your supply chain and achieve superior shareholder value.

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